Transformation Can Happen at Any Time

Transformation can happen at any time. Sometimes it is invited and other times it is not. My greatest transformation to date happened with the start of my business. I recognized that I did not need to be an employee to do what I am passionate about and that recognition allowed me to be free to be me. I now work with people, helping them make deeper connections with the world around them. I have found that remaining on the cusp of transformation allows for true growth to happen daily.

Always learning.

Always practicing.

Always creating.

Always transforming.

I am extremely grateful for my parents teaching me to go with the flow. I have always tried to listen to that advice throughout my life. For whatever reason, those words have stuck with me. I honestly did not really understand what going with the flow meant until the past year or two. You see, growing up, for some reason I believed that going with the flow was simply to do whatever everyone else is doing or wants you to do and just go with it. Honestly, as I started growing older, I didn’t understand why my parents wanted me to live life as a pushover. I actually had moments of feeling angry with myself. This was all because at a young age, I really took these words to heart. Why would my parents do this to me? It took me awhile to realize that it was my own perception of what they taught me that was causing me harm. Not the actual lesson. That was my lesson. Where did I get this idea to begin with? I had to sit with that. I found something that I no longer wanted to believe in the way I had always thought, and I had to find a way to shift my beliefs. Great.

As with most things, when I find something that I want to change about myself, I have the habit of overcorrecting. Going from one extreme to the next because I don’t want to feel whatever way it is anymore. Overcorrecting can be out of character but doing it for a short time actually helps you find the middle. It is easier to find balance from having certain beliefs, wanting to shift them, swinging completely the opposite way, all to come back to the middle. You have to know and feel what the other side is before you know where your middle is.

I am not quite sure why it took me so long to understand the truth behind going with the flow. The flow of life happening for you while still staying true to yourself. Staying true to yourself means testing your own limits and making sure it all feels right deep in your soul. It takes constant practice and usually doesn’t feel good until it is over but after you break through that cusp of uncomfortableness, you just know all is well. True growth doesn’t happen inside your comfort zone, it happens just outside of it. Don’t fear it, embrace it.

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