Peace In The Middle

I have come to a new realization about how I constantly feel the need to always overcorrect things in hopes of forgiveness. Forgiveness from others or forgiveness for myself. When I feel I have come up short, overcorrecting is really how I find my middle, my center.

I have and will never be perfect. I get things wrong all the time. I also do know that I am a doer. I go above and beyond when my flaws are exposed and once I am aware of them, I veer so far the other way. I fully understand that to the outside, I look insane. It is all a part of the process. For me, it needs to be a complete 360 from where I was before I realized it was not the direction I was going for. Therefore, it actually was the right direction. By swinging so far the other way, I am able to know and learn the other extreme. Once that lesson is learned, I can then come back again to where I was meant to be, dead center.

You cannot go back and change anything, but you can move forward from where you are right now. Move left, move right, and then find your way back to the middle. Have your peace in the middle. Cherish your peace in the middle. We are not to meant to live there. Just to go back from time to time to regain the clarity we need get us through the next shift.

It sure would be nice to just stay in the middle but then again, what is the fun in that?

Where would the growth be?

I am not willing to settle and would rather embrace all of my flaws, mistakes, and redirections, and grow than not know.

Daily routines are nice to have when you are centered but if you think about it, do the big things happen when you are tirelessly living out your structured routine? No, the big shifts happen when your typical routine is nowhere to be seen. The term overcorrecting sounds bad, but it is one way of how you can get to the answers you need.

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