Cusp Culture

I was inspired to start Cusp Culture in June of 2020 after working closely with this amazing group of empowering women during a global pandemic.

Cusp Culture is a collaboration of things that have contributed to my own personal and professional growth.

With each turn, we continue to walk to the edge of newness, until we are on the cusp of yet another new awareness.

This awareness is called Cusp Culture.


Nicole Wilson 

I am the Founder of Cusp Culture. I am also a certified Mindfulness and Transformational Coach, Marketing and Events Specialist, Content Creator, and was the Cohost for Season 1 and now the Producer of Season 2 of True and Unpolished the podcast.

I have a unique, collaborative approach to marketing and promotion and am extremely passionate about helping to guide entrepreneurs to reframe the concept of marketing to help it align with what right for them as unique individuals.

Let’s work together.

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I design all of Cusp Culture’s exclusive merchandise with intention and love.


You can find it all here:

Nicole Wilson

Cusp Culture

[email protected]

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