Makeup Your Mindset

How do you determine beauty? Did someone teach you what was beautiful and what was not?

Taking the time to notice the things around you, you soon realize the beauty in everything. Can you think of one thing that under first impression you didn’t find beautiful and then grew to see the beauty in it? Beauty is absolute and no matter who you are, it exists.

Accordingly to traditional philosophy, beauty is not a human feeling. Our feelings are simply a reaction to beauty. Beauty exists before we feel it and continues to exist, whether we see it, feel it, or are completely unaware of it.

I am not sure if it is the fact that I am older or if it is a cultural shift but I love seeing makeup being more accepted again more and more in our society. Back when I was in my teen years, I wore pretty heavy makeup. Looking back I think it was to create the feeling that I was older.

From my mid twenties into my early thirties, I somehow had the belief that makeup existed to cover up natural beauty and I didn’t wear much of it. I also thought that women who wore a lot of makeup, that they must have low self esteem if they had to cover their faces that much. Ridiculous, I know but I was young and judging from my experiences up until that point.

Now in my late thirties, I have begun to embrace makeup again. It probably started with trying to reverse the aging process, but learning how makeup can really enhance what is already beautiful has been a huge shift for me. I find it fun to come up with new looks using makeup and there is nothing wrong with enhancing what you already view as beauty. 

Beauty is never superficial. Just like we paint the walls in our homes for aesthetic comfort, we too can apply enhancements to our features for whatever reason we feel necessary. Whether it is for confidence or to connect with the Divine feminine energy within, whatever makes you feel the absolute beauty that you are, do more of it.

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2 thoughts on “Makeup Your Mindset

  1. I thought the same way about makeup. Now I see like you do. It is what it is, whether to enhance or hide something, it’s a personal thing.

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