Lizard Dreams

Children really can be our greatest teachers. They haven’t lost the magic to life yet and when a child is in your presence, you usually can’t help but play along with the wonder that they hold. That is unless you have been home constantly with your 3 year old boy for the last 8 months. Working from home with a toddler is not ideal. It is especially hard when everyone else in your house is living their lives as close to “normal” as they always have. A little bit of jealousy tends to creep in. Along with the jealousy, there is anxiety, depression, and just pure lack of motivation. But the jealousy, I do not want to live my live envious of others but what I wouldn’t do to go out to lunch with my girlfriends, like a real go out to lunch. I love my family very much, but this is hard. I am tired and it is wearing on me and my toddler.

I had a recurring dream last night. One where my son and I were on the beach and playing with a lizard. I woke up wanting to look up the meaning of this dream. Even though I have done it before, I had to do it again. And this is what I found:

The lizard spirit animal is the epitome of a true survivor. It will go to great lengths to have its way. For example, it fights fiercely to protect its tuff.

At the same time, the lizard knows when to call it quits. It’s willing to sacrifice its tail to the enemy to ensure that it survives to fight another day.

Of course, it does this in the full knowledge that another tail will grow in the place of the first one.

When this spirit animal comes into your life, you are determined to get things your way. Also, you learn how to surrender the things you don’t need in life.

This gives you the opportunity to attract more meaningful energies in life.



Lately, along with many struggles, I have been having this overwhelming feeling of death. This happens to me often enough and honestly, it used to scare me. Thankfully, I don’t get fearful of it anymore. I now know what this means and instead of having a nervous breakdown because of it, I embrace it. This overwhelming feeling that death is near, I now know that what I am feeling is that a part of me that needs to die. We are all constantly growing and when we allow the parts of us that we need to let go of fall away or die, we open up the possibilities for rebirth and transformation to take place. Like a lizard sheds its tail or its skin, we too shed what is no longer meant to be when we just let go. Making room for the exciting and new, whatever it may be.

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2 thoughts on “Lizard Dreams

  1. Wow!!! Powerful! I am so wrapped up on my ‘issues’ I don’t know about other’s challenges. Thank you for sharing your insights and True self.

    1. Thank you, Brenda and you’re welcome 😉 I do find that sharing my experiences help me to realize that I am not alone in how I am feeling. It really makes my heart so happy that this post inspired you enough to leave a comment. I truly appreciate your kind words. Thanks again.

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