Creating a New Vision

Your Guide for Setting and Achieving Goals for 2021

Turning the page to a New Year is one of my favorite moments in the calendar year. I love marking the ending of one year and summarizing the lessons I’ve learned while simultaneously welcoming in new hopes and ideas for the year to come. It’s an opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment, and letting go, while also imagining a fresh start.

For me this fresh start is an occasion to dream big! It means dreaming beyond what we think or believe can happen. If we are unwilling to dream beyond our current circumstances, then we are likely going to continue on with the status quo. You don’t have to know exactly how your dreams will unfold, but don’t you think you could give yourself permission to dream for a while?  

Don’t stop with just the dreaming though….

Next, try creating a visual representation for your dreams and goals with a vision board. A vision board is a tool that people use to show an outward, concrete representation of goals and can include a variety of categories such as:

Now create a vision board by including images, words and phrases that represent MORE of the things that you want for yourself onto a piece of paper. It can be a large piece of paper (or poster board), or a small one (index card).  You can find images in magazines (that takes some of the pressure off)! Then cut the images and words and phrases out of the magazine and glue them onto the paper.  You can add lists, hand drawn images and words to the collage, and add glitter and stickers if you want too!

And if you are super critical, would you be willing to take a momentary pause on your self-judgment so that you can align with the authentically amazing human being that is hiding underneath the criticism?

Creating a visual representation of your hopes and dreams is helpful because it gives concrete form to those abstract ideas. As an art therapist, I have worked with clients for over 20 years and helped them use art making processes like this to transform their lives. You don’t need to be an artist to benefit from these processes!

Once you have created your collage, the final step is to hang it somewhere that will remind you of your dreams. Now you will go on with living your life, and each time you look at your vision board, breathe in. Perhaps breathing in a word or phrase that you’ve included on your collage. Then, maybe breathe out the limiting beliefs that have held you back. Over time, you may find that you slowly are moving in the direction of your dreams. And you deserve it. You deserve to live the life of your dreams.

I would love to help support you in creating MORE and living into the dreams that you have for yourself and your life! If you have questions about this process, decreasing emotional suffering or how to increase support for living the life of your dreams, come connect with me in the Create MORE with Mary How Facebook group.


The owl spirit teaches us to look with fresh eyes, and to trust our own wisdom. Let this wise owl serve as a reminder to remain true to your own voice and vision. Image is hand drawn with fine point markers.

About the Artist: Mary is an art therapist and life coach. She considers herself a modern day mindfulness expert who regularly practices herself and teaches others how to effectively incorporate mindfulness and authentic creativity into their lives. Find out more at 

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Mary How, MA, ATR-BC, owner of Create MORE with Mary How is an artist, art therapist, coach, teacher and writer with nearly twenty years of experience working with survivors of trauma, mental illness and behavioral disorders. A modern day mindfulness expert, Mary uses a unique combination of cognitive restructuring, mindfulness and art in her personalized coaching and group skills classes. You can also view and purchase Mary's art in our Cusp Culture Shop.

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