Choose Your Own Adventure

It can be so overwhelming when you realize that every decision you make can completely alter your life and the future course it will take. Big decisions and small decisions will change everything. Even the small decisions will lead to big destinations which would never have happened if you didn’t make the choice to do them.

I will never forget one of the biggest aha moments I have had to date. I had this aha moment all because of fast food. In my late teens, my friends and I had plans to go to Perkins Restaurant to eat and hang out. On the way there, someone suggested going to Hardees instead. As we walked into Hardees to place our order, I noticed that in line was a friend that I had not seen since middle school. I could tell she was in a hurry and was ordering a to go order. We did lock eyes and once she saw me, we started talking while she was waiting for her order. We exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch and in that moment, I really did not think much about it. You know those conversations that you say, “Let’s do lunch” and nothing ever happens? That is all I thought this interaction was and I went on with my night.

The very next day, I received a call from her, and we made plans to hang out the next day. I was really excited because I remember having tons of fun with her in our middle school years and was looking forward to reconnecting. We ended up becoming the best of friends for the next 5 years of my life. I lost touch with the friends that I went to Hardee’s with that night and I became really close to her and made some amazing new friends that she was involved with.

We both eventually ended up in relationships and losing touch with each other but while I was in my first “real” relationship, I had the realization that I never would have ended up with the person that I was currently in a relationship with. She had introduced me to him.  If I did not go to Hardee’s on that night at the time that I did, I would have been somewhere, with people entirely different than where I currently was. I really thought deep about this. She was only in the restaurant for probably 5 minutes and I could have missed her if we had gone somewhere else or if we were minutes earlier or minutes later at that specific restaurant, which we almost did not go to. Because of that interaction, if it had not happened, my first love would eventually have been someone else.

This realization was driving my life for a very long time. I became afraid to make decisions. I feared that I would make the wrong ones, so I just did not make any. I became even more indecisive than I already was and ended up not doing much of anything. I did not talk about my hopes and dreams. I did not even want to decide on what to eat for dinner. These little decisions seemed way too powerful for someone like me to be making. I was so unfulfilled. Being this unhappy and living with this mentality, made me lose sight of who I was as a person. This was not how I wanted to be living life. I had to start making some changes and some decisions to do something. Anything. It is almost like time stood still.

After realizing how unhappy I was just walking through the motions of life, that is when I really started to be intentional about realizing the joys in life. It is almost like I was reborn. I started appreciating the little things again, knowing that the small things are what make the big things extraordinary. The little decisions are just what they are in that particular moment and learning to embrace that again is truly something to be grateful for.

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