Children really can be our greatest teachers. They haven’t lost the magic to life yet and when a child is in your presence, you usually can’t help but play along with the wonder that they hold. That is unless you have been home constantly with your 3 year old boy for the last 8 months. […]

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This morning I spent my time editing the workbook that goes along with the Create MORE Course that is being launched at Cusp Culture this week. The grammar rules filling my head while editing got me thinking about rules in general. Like how grammar rules were established to help us communicate and understand each other […]

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Listen, healing is hard. Freedom is hard. Any part of growth requires you to give up parts of yourself that you have grown accustomed to. Maybe you are not allowing the healing to take place because you are holding on to the person you were before things turned upside down. That person no longer exists. […]

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