Before I answer the “How is Art Making Helpful?” question I think it’s important to tell you a little more about my background. Over 20 years ago, I was trained as an art therapist to assist people in using the process of art making to transform their emotional suffering. Did you know that art therapists […]

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This morning I spent my time editing the workbook that goes along with the Create MORE Course that is being launched at Cusp Culture this week. The grammar rules filling my head while editing got me thinking about rules in general. Like how grammar rules were established to help us communicate and understand each other […]

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The scales of justice date back to, Maat, the Egyptian goddess who represents truth and fairness. She holds these scales to symbolize the necessary of balance of the interests of individuals within a society as well as the society as a whole. Maybe the see-saw represents the scales of justice on the playground of my […]

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