About Me

Hi! My name is Nicole Wilson, and I was born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin. My family is a combination of his, mine, and ours with 4 children ranging from 20 to 3 years old. We are a beautiful blend of chaos and love.

In 2013, I began to walk my own brave path forward and found the courage to leave a disempowering relationship after 10 years.Β  Not only did I recognize my own challenges with anxiety, depression, and PTSD more clearly, but I also began to embrace my anxiety as a path to healing and wholeness.Β 


During my journey through life, I have learned that sharing experiences with others is truly a fast track to personal growth. In my business, I am able to take my personal experiences and blend them with my years focusing on my own personal development. I have a heart that truly wants to help others.

I was inspired to start Cusp Culture in June of 2020 after working closely with an amazing group of empowering women during a global pandemic.Β  And the rest is history in the making.

π—–π˜‚π˜€π—½:Β is a point of transition (as from one period to the next) TURNING POINT also: EDGE, VERGE

π—–π˜‚π—Ήπ˜π˜‚π—Ώπ—²:Β  is made up of the values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors shared by a group of people. Culture is the behavior that results when a group arrives at a set of generally unspoken and unwritten rules for how they will work together.

Here at Cusp Culture, you will find a community with inspirational merchandise, online courses, a podcast and so much more!

Cusp Culture is a collaboration of things I have created, projects that I have worked on, things I have learned, and resources from some of the amazing people who I have collaborated with or who have contributed to my own personal or professional growth.


Welcome to the cusp!

Where your own transformation awaits…